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Services: Art in Home and Work Space

We can advise on placement of images that are most suitable for the space they will be displayed in. The following sequence of images gives general guidance on appropriate placement in a work context, and in many cases this will be sufficient guidance for clients wishing to source images. However, there will be occasions, in particular when there are themes, decorative or architectural, to be adapted to, when an in-depth consultation might be more appropriate. Our philosophy in furnishing suitable imagery in the home or work space centres on the Oriental concept of 'chi'. This is best defined in a Western context as 'a sense of flow'; placing images in such a way that they are harmonious to the senses; using knowledge of aspects of the human character and what these appear to resonate with naturally in terms of shape and colour to further enhance harmony not just to the visual senses but also, in a healing and energizing way, to the deeper levels of Everyman. We have a leading expert in the field to give in-depth advice, and facilities for video conferencing should a face to face meeting not be practicable, for example if the client is abroad.


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