Photography by Iain Duncan

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Fine Art: Monochrome Elements

Monochrome Elements is a collection of fine art black and white photographs of the highest quality. They are representative of a much larger body of work, examples of which can be provided on request, for instance if a client is seeking out a specific theme involving a number of images. Almost all of these pictures are large format, taken with pre- war equipment, as these in my opinion deliver the very best in terms of rich tonality, shadow detail and sharpness for this type of photography. Click on an image to enlarge, and again in the square symbol top right of the picture for a further enlargement. Should you be inspired by this collection, they are available in a beautifully produced book, in the sequence shown here, called 'Monochrome Elements'. Please contact me at or telephone 01434 606293 for more details.


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Iain Duncan, Hexham, Northumberland, United Kingdom.